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Guitar Chords  -  These are NOT cast in stone,  they are just what seems right to us.

 (updated 17th April 2017)    I have not included any 7ths - you can add these as and when you think fit.


Allons a Lafayette (G)  (1,2,1,2)  CCCC CCGG GGDD DDGG


Allons Danser (C) (1,2,1,2) CCCC GGGG GGGG CCCC     


Another Lonely Night (G)  (1,2&,1,2&)   GGGG AmAmAmAm DDDD GCGG

(autre soir ennuyant)


Bayou Pon-Pon (C)  (1,2,1,2)       CCCC CCCC GGGG CCCC


Bayou Teche(G) (3/4) Vocal and 1st Bridge: GGGG CDGG x 2

                                      extra fiddle Bridge: DGDG DGCC x 2  (end on C-chord)                                    



Canray Contredanse (C) (1,2,1,2) A-part: CCCC FFFF CCCC FFFC x 2

                                                        B-part: GGGG GGGD GGGG GGGC x 2


Cherokee Waltz (C) (3/4)     CGFC CGGC


Ciel (C) (1,2&,1,2&)   CCCC  GGGG  FFGG  CCCC


Climb Through Your Window (C) (1,2,1,2) CCGG FFCC CCGG GGCC


Diggy Diggy Lo (C) (1,2,1,2)   CCCC CCGG GGGG GGCC


Eunice Waltz (C)  CFCC CGCC and so on


Evangeline (G) (3/4) Verse:   GGGG GGDD DDDD DDGG x 2

                                 Chorus:   CCGG DDGG DDGG

Evangeline Special (G) (1,2,1,2)  GGGG DDGG and so on

Flammes d’Enfer (G)  (1,2,1,2)   GGGG GGGG DDDD GGGG


Family Waltz (C) (3/4) CCCC GGCC x2      Box: CCCC GGGG CCCC CCGG GGCC


Grandfather’s Waltz (C) (3/4)    1st Bridge: CCCG GGGC x 2

                                                     2nd Bridge: CFGC  CFGC x 2


Grosse Erreur (C) (1,2&,1,2&)      CCCC FFFF CCCC GGGG

                                                          CCCC FFFF CCGG CCCC


Happy One-Step (G) (1,2,1,2)        GGGG CCCC GGGG GGGG x 2

                                                          GGGG DDDD  GGGG CCCC x 2

                                                                         (end: GDGG C(hold))


High Point Two-Step (C) (1,2,1,2)    FFFF CCCC GGGG CCCC


Hurts Me Too (G) (1,2&,1,2&)   GGGG BmBmBmBm CCCC CmCmCmCm

                                                        GGGG  DDEmEm  CCCC  GGDD

                                                          (fading end repeats the 2nd line)


J’ai Etais au Bal (G) (1,2,1,2) GGGG GGGG GGGG DDGG

                                           Box:GGGG GGDG GGGG GGDG



J’ai Passe Devant Ta Porte (3/4) in G: GGGG DDDD GGCC GDGG

                                                       in C: CCCC GGGG CCFF CGCC


J’aimerais Connaitre (C) (3/4)  CCFF GGCC  and so on


Je m'endors (Amin) (3/4)  AmAmAmAm AmGGAm AmGGAm AmGGAm


Jongle a Moi (C) (1,2,1,2)   CCCC CCGG GGGG GGCC


Kaplan Waltz (C) (3/4) Vocal: FFCC GGCC FFCC CGCC

                                     Bridges: FFCC GGCC FFCC GGCC


Lake Arthur Stomp (G) (1,2,1,2)

   A&B parts:  GGGG DDDG GGGG DDDG  G and so on


   C-part:  GGGG FCGG GGGG FCGG  G  x 2


This Land is Your Land (G) (1,2,1,2)      CCCC GGGG DDDD GGGG  and so on


Lovebridge Waltz (G) (3/4) Vocal and 1st Bridge: GGCC GGDG

                                                                2nd Bridge: GGDG GGDG


Madame Sosthene (G) (3/4) GGCG GDDG  and so on


Mardi Gras (Amin) (1,2,1,2) (Slower) (13 bars!?)

         AmAmAmAm  AmAmAmAm  AmAmAmAm 

         CCEE  AmAmAmAm  CCEE  AmAm     (last round ends on Amajor chord)


Midnight Waltz (G) (3/4) Vocal: GDDG  GDDG and so on

                                            1st Bridge:  GDDG  GGDG  x 2

                                            2nd Bridge: GGDG GGDG x 2


Mulberry Waltz (C) (3/4)   CCCG GGGC and so on

		(occasional extra Box bridge: CCGC and so on)


Nobody Wants Me (C) (3/4)   CFCC CFCC CCFF CGCC 


O, Ma Chère 'Tite Fille (G) (3/4)   GCGG  GDGG


Old Cowboy Waltz (F)  A-part & Vocals: FFCC CCFF x2    B-part: FFFC CCCF x2


Pa Janvier (Amin) (3/4)  Vocal and 1st Bridge: AmAmAmAm  GGGAm

                                                           2nd Bridge: AmAmAmAm  AmDGAm


Pierrot Grouilette (Amin)(1,2,1,2) AmG Am Am Am  Am Am G Am :||

                        G G G G  Dm Dm Am Am  C C C G  AmG Am G Am :||



Port Arthur Blues (C) (1,2,3,4)  All (except Box 1st bridge): CGCC and so on

                                                                         Box 1st bridge: CCGC and so on


Port d’Arriere (G) (1,2,1,2)  GGGG GGGG CCCC GGGG GDDD GGGG


Parlez Nous a Boire (G) (1,2,1,2) 

1st Vocal and Bridge: GGGG GGGG GGGG DDGG


2nd Vocal and Bridge: GGGG CCCC GGGG DDGG


Reel de Joi (C) (1,2,1,2)  CCCC AmAmAmAm CCCC AmAmAmAm

                                          CCCC AmAmAmAm GGGG CCCC :||

                                         AmAmAmAm AmAmAmAm AmAmAmAm

                                          AmAmAmAm FFFF FFFF GGGG CCCC :||


Reno Waltz (C) (3/4)  CCFF GGCC  and so on


Talles de Ronces (C) (1,2,1,2)  CCCC GGCC  and so on


Tante Adele (G) (3/4)  GGCC GGDG  and so on


Telephone Song (C) (3/4)     CCFF CCGG CCFF CGCC


T’es Petite et T’es Mignonne (G) (3/4)   GGCC DDGG and so on


Ton Coeur Menteur (G) (1,2&,1,2&) GGGG CCCC DDDD GGGG
		variation (3rd verse): CCCC GGGG AAAA DDDD

Tout l’Monde (C) (3/4)   CCCC GGCC and so on


Traces de Mon Bogué (G) (3/4)   A-part: GGCG GGDD GGCG GDGG

                                                        B-part:  CCGG GGDD CCGG GDGG


 Tu Peux Cogner (C) (1,2&,1,2&)   CCCC CCCC CCCG GGGC


You are my Sunshine (G) (1,2,1,2)         GGGG GGGG CCCC GGGG



Yeux Noirs (C) (3/4)   CEmFC  CCGG  CEmFC  CGCC



Yeux Bleus (C) (3/4)  CCFF GGCC  and so on


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